The Conscious Gourmet Webinar Programs


The Culinary Classroom Teacher Training Program  

A step-by-step guide for creating, organizing, navigating and teaching
professionally presented culinary classes


6 weekly 1-1/2-hour webinar sessions – $795


In this program you will learn to

  • clarify your vision and mission
  • develop class objectives specific to your market
  • identify how people learn and the various teaching methods that support their learning
  • create agendas and food requisitions
  • identify and create craving-free, nutritionally balanced menus
  • develop and select recipes for single and series classes
  • stock your kitchen with equipment and utensils
  • work with kitchen assistants
  • prepare yourself for teaching
  • set-up and manage an optimal teaching kitchen environment
  • communicate effectively with an audience and
  • market classes

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“The manual and handouts are awesome, especially now that I’m home. I know how thoroughly assembled they are and that all I need is in there. As I prepare to do my final assignments for the class, I know I’ll need to refresh a few things in my mind and you’ve got what I need ready.”   Jen, NC

The Conscious Gourmet Theory 

Discover how to think about food in a whole new way using Eastern and Western nutritional models to address menu planning; strategies for avoiding and  managing food cravings and addictions; and how to break-through the allergy addiction cycle to conquer the toxic bloat we all fat; the food and mood connection; and how to select food according to individual constitutions. Includes Chinese Five Phase Dietary Theory and Ayurveda Dietary theory.

 Six weekly 1-1/2 hour webinar sessions – $695


Contact Diane at 917-975-9721 for webinar dates

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“The way I view food and nutrition has been forever changed for the better!!! I apply the dietary theories and principles you taught me every day!!! People are asking me, almost on a daily basis, when am I going to start my food and wellness education and cooking classes.”  Dan, MI

Vegetarian/Vegan Teacher Training Program

Combination Webinar and Santa Fe or Tucson 5-day training

Vegetarian/Vegan Training- $1795

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“(Culinary classes) Fun and nerve racking at the same time! Challenging and inspirational. Learning that I can teach classes and have confidence in my ability, because you have given me a formula that works. It has given me a blueprint for teaching classes. Now, I just need to make that happen.”  Cathy, FL

Section 1: The Culinary Classroom Teacher Training Webinar series
Six weekly sessions, 1-1/2 hours each

Section 2: Five-day Santa Fe or Tucson training
four culinary hands-on classes
knife skills class and practice
Conscious Gourmet Theory including Eastern and Western dietary theory classes
teaching practice and final teaching practicum
homework assignments during and following the completion of the program 

Contact Diane at 917-975-9721 or to schedule program dates