The Conscious Gourmet

Teaching the connection between food and health to thousands of students has been Diane Carlson’s passion for the past 28 years. Whether you are new to whole foods cooking or a seasoned chef, The Conscious Gourmet offers both career training programs as well as avocational classes in vegetarian and vegan cooking and theory that will transform your life.

Pick-A-Date Personal 4-Day Retreat
in Santa Fe 

One-on-one healthy cooking classes and lectures designed especially for you!

1 person – $1295 or
bring up to four friends for half-price 
$997.50 each

The culinary classes were great. My cooking and kitchen skills improved many times over. I learned how to flow with the energy of the kitchen and the food being prepared. I also learned a lot about organization, pre-planning and follow through and how to set up a kitchen for effectiveness and efficiency. My kitchen skills (knife skills, cooking methods, etc., have greatly improved.) — Dan, MI

Your (Diane) years of knowledge and experience show. You are a perfectionist, and expect high standards from your students as well. Your professionalism shows from the very first moment of contact! Cathy, FL

(Culinary classes) Fun and nerve racking at the same time! Challenging and inspirational. Learning that I can teach classes and have confidence in my ability, because you have given me a formula that works. It has given me a blueprint for teaching classes. Now, I just need to make that happen. — Cathy, FL


My biggest take-away learning was from the extremely well-designed culinary instructor materials. I felt the information was so pertinent, accessible, well-presented and reinforced throughout the week that I am a little bit different person for having done it. …I am literally more organized and somehow a little more neat human being now, and it’s great. — Jen, NC


The culinary instructor classes are the only classes I have ever taken that truly prepares you to go out into the world and apply what you know to help people. — Dan, MI